the people of b.c. pavers, inc.

gregg jarczynski


Gregg has been a Foreman with B.C. Pavers since 2007 and is a graduate of Central Washington University with a degree in Geology.

Gregg too, is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys skiing Alpental, hunting, shooting and surfing.

Mark McIntosh


Mark joined B.C. Pavers in 2011.  He is a United States Air Force Veteran and Firefighter. 

Mark enjoys skiing, golf, hiking and spending time with his wife.

lee olson


Lee has been with B.C. Pavers since 2002.  He spent five years in the field before moving into the office in 2007 to help with the Estimating and Project Management.

Lee enjoys hunting, Mariners baseball,  Seahawks football, and traveling with his wife.

Brian crooks


Brian started B.C. Pavers, Inc., (then B.C. Construction) in 1998 while he was completing his degree in Finance and Economics at The University of Washington.  

Now, nearly two decades after Brian began his business, B.C. Pavers, Inc., has earned a well-deserved place amongst the most respected companies in the industry. 

Brian is an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.