See how it works

‚ÄčThe Optimas Paver Machine allows us to lay pavers at a much faster rate than conventional methods.  It operates by gripping layers of pavers directly from the pallets, using a hydraulic clamp.

The machine is designed with a low ground pressure and special articulation to avoid rutting and allow installation in tighter spaces.  We have laid more than a million square feet of pavers with our Optimas machine.

mechanical installation

B.C. Pavers' installers are as efficient as anyone laying pavers by hand, but when the design allows, we up the game, using our Optimas Paver Machine.


In optimum conditions, we have laid more than 12,000 square feet of interlocking concrete pavers in a single day with just a two-man crew and a forklift operator.  

Not all pavers can be installed mechanically, so if you think you have an area that would be conducive, give us a call and we can help you maximize your potential for utilizing this exciting option.