Limitless options

All interlocking Paver installations start with a solid base layer of concrete, asphalt or well-compacted crushed rock. Once the base is in, the end-use application will determine the bedding material.  The two most common bedding materials for Non-Permeable Interlocking Concrete or Brick Pavers, are those set on a sand bed, (sand-set), or those on a mortar bed, (mortar-set).  

From there, the options are nearly limitless.  Shape, size, finish, pattern... the choices are all possible.

B.C. Pavers, Inc. has the experience to install any type of Interlocking Concrete or Brick Pavers to suit your needs.

take a look at some interlocking concrete pavers

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Interlocking Concrete and brick Pavers

Paver roads and pathways have been around for more than 4,000 years. The Romans were the first to lay pavers in earnest and many of their roads are still intact today.  

The modern concrete paver was born after WWII in Europe and became popular worldwide as a durable and economical paving solution.  The options for installing this beautiful and durable paving system have only increased since then.  

Today, pavers are used in streets, driveways, walkways, paths and even ports.