Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Kent, WA Not every piece of land is made equal and when you are constructing a landscape, you need properly leveled and graded land. These aspects are especially important when you are planning to build any outdoor features or structures. While multi-leveled landscapes add dimension to the outdoor areas, they are not practical if you have a compact yard space.

In situations such as these, it becomes necessary to carry out a certain amount of excavation work before you can start with any construction. Any excavated space in a landscape would also require some support. Failing to provide this can give rise to problems such as soil erosion. Therefore, we recommend that modular retaining walls be constructed to provide support to the landscape and prevent mudslides.

Concrete Block Wall Installation

We at B.C Pavers, Inc, offer excellent retaining wall installation services to residential clients in and around Kent, WA. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is a passion and our expertise in the field helps ensure that you get the best quality landscape retaining walls. We are committed to providing you with outstanding products and superior craftsmanship. The hardscaping features that we design, and install will add value to your property.

Retaining Wall Designs and Plans

While retaining walls are typically built to provide support to the landscape, we also use our creativity and skill to increase their functionality. For example, if the retaining wall is to be installed near a patio or deck or even a fire pit area, we can design this structure with inbuilt seating. The design increases the usability of the garden retaining wall and it becomes more than just a simple landscape support feature.

Similarly, we can incorporate planter spaces in retaining wall design. Block walls can be constructed to demarcate areas in multileveled landscapes too. Various materials can be used in retaining wall construction such as concrete masonry blocks, brick, natural stone, aggregates as well as wood and concrete. When we are building landscape retaining walls, we make sure that the structure is stable and that it fulfills the purpose we are constructing it for.

Custom Retaining Wall Construction

Our retaining wall installers have the expertise to design and build different types of walls in your landscape. The structures will be resilient and will increase the stability of your landscape. We use high quality CMUs and other materials in retaining wall construction and make sure that the finishing of the features is perfect.

Whether you want a more modern styled wall or prefer one that has an old-world feel, we can build the feature for you. We work closely with you and make sure that the retaining wall ideas we provide are in line with your requirements, and that these solutions provide you value for money.

For any more information about our retaining wall and paver, design and installation solutions, feel free to call B.C Pavers, Inc, at this number-425-413-2110. You can also send us your requests and queries about retaining wall cost through this Contact Us form.

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